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 Titan (R.o.A) Vs Mitchmartin (R.o.A)

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Titan (R.o.A) Vs Mitchmartin (R.o.A) Empty
PostSubject: Titan (R.o.A) Vs Mitchmartin (R.o.A)   Titan (R.o.A) Vs Mitchmartin (R.o.A) EmptyTue Jul 28, 2009 6:24 am

At these space, as it came to a battle:

Attacker XXXXX (X:XXX:XX)
Weapons: 170% Shields: 160% Armour: 170%
B.ship 1.453.166

Defender XXXXX (X:XXX:XX)
Weapons: 30% Shields: 50% Armour: 20%
L.Cargo 13.171
L.Fighter 1.221.817
Esp.Probe 964.736
Sol. Sat 3.992
Supernova 8
M.Ship 9
R.Launcher 43.336
S.Dome 1
P.Def 10

Language in battlereport...

Attacker XXXXX (X:XXX:XX)
B.ship 1.453.024

Defender XXXXX (X:XXX:XX)

He captured
- metal, - crystal and - deuterium.

The attacker lost a total of 8.520.000 units.
The defender lost a total of [size=150]9.684.732.000[/size] units.
At these space coordinates now float - metal and - crystal.
The chance for a moon to be created is [size=150]20[/size] %.

-- Battlereport End --

i took out alot more than i thought sorry bud

but you need to watch who you probe
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Titan (R.o.A) Vs Mitchmartin (R.o.A)
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