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 RuGgY[] -vs- cirestar[] (TD: ~31M)

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RuGgY[] -vs- cirestar[] (TD: ~31M) Empty
PostSubject: RuGgY[] -vs- cirestar[] (TD: ~31M)   RuGgY[] -vs- cirestar[] (TD: ~31M) EmptySat Jul 18, 2009 7:21 pm

[center]]The following fleets met in battle:

Attacker: RuGgY

Defender: cirestar

-- After battle --

Attacker: RuGgY
Dest....7.063 ( lost: 4 )

Defender: cirestar

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
4.260.040 metal 1.436.881 crystal and 566.709 deuterium

The attacker lost a total of 440.000 units.
The defender lost a total of 30.606.000 units.
At these space coordinates now float 72.000 metal and 60.000 crystal.
The chance for a moon to be created is 1 %

Battle Result
(Assuming the attacker got the debris..)
Attacker gain: 5.955.630
Defender lost: 30.606.000
Total Damage: 31.046.000

Converted with Invader Skodge's CR Converter 3.5

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RuGgY[] -vs- cirestar[] (TD: ~31M)
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