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 NaZzZ[avlanchw] -vs- nonono (TD: ~0M) Profit: 0.11M

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NaZzZ[avlanchw] -vs- nonono (TD: ~0M) Profit: 	 0.11M Empty
PostSubject: NaZzZ[avlanchw] -vs- nonono (TD: ~0M) Profit: 0.11M   NaZzZ[avlanchw] -vs- nonono (TD: ~0M) Profit: 	 0.11M EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 1:24 am

My first 1.000 Battleships attack. xD I know its ridiculious but... C'mon 1k bs Very Happy
Quote :

At 10-19 23:24:16 the following fleets met in battle::

Attacker NaZzZ (x:xxx:xx)
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%

Defender nonono (x:xxx:xx)
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%


The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
61.366 metal, 24.638 crystal, and 24.782 deuterium

The attacker lost a total of 0 units.
The defender lost a total of 0 units.
At these space coordinates now float 0 metal and 0 crystal.

[ Profit: 110.786 ]

-- FoxGame (SA Build) 0.84.59 - " BLUE Scheme " --
[ SACRParser v0.7.7.27 ]
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NaZzZ[avlanchw] -vs- nonono (TD: ~0M) Profit: 0.11M
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